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A true smaller or Small Standard English Bulldog is a  smaller version of the show quality standard English Bulldog. 


We do not outcross our pedigree with any other breed.


Our bulldogs are a product of carefully breeding smaller  English Bulldogs of equal quality over a period of many years. 

Miniature Bulldog

 Our bullies generally live 10 to 12 years. We breed small standards, all of them are AKC registered and come from championship lines.


Because these dogs are not outcrossed with other breeds they are a

product of both standard and smaller English Bulldog dams and sires.

Therefore one litter can have standards, as well as small standards.

Because of this we can only judge the potential adult size of a bullie puppy. 

Please remember this breed, whether small standard, or full standard size is a house dog. He is happiest inside cuddling with you. They require cooler temperatures and shouldn't be left outside for any length of time. 

 Bullies want to be your partner and  part of your  family for life.

There is truly no better companion than an English Bulldog.


Breeding a quality bulldog is breeding a healthy bulldog. Our emphasis is on eliminating any hereditary illnesses or issues whenever possible

Here is a standard and a small standard bully. There is usually about a 15 lb. difference.

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