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Placing and Pricing

Are you ready to get a puppy? If you have researched English Bulldogs you are aware they are basically a man made breed and have some unusual anamolies.  We feel the most important of these include the fact that they can't take the heat and can't swim. Don't be fooled by Youtube videos. A quality English Bulldog needs an indoor home with a loving family that is willing to find a quality bulldog vet. 
The placement of our puppies is very important to us. If a bulldog is right for you
we would like nothing more than to place one of our babies in your home.
Puppies can be priced differently depending on size and color. Most of our puppies start at 3500. and go up depending on many things. The smaller, or more unique the color, the more a puppy can cost. It is just more more difficult to breed these especially rare puppies. 
If you are ready for one of these truly endearing and amazing babies please go the Contact Us page and fill out the application. You can also contact us anytime with your questions.
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